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Plestar is one of the best and experienced ebusiness consulting company. Plestar provides ebusiness planning and consulting to help the beginners of any startup companies and for any existing businesses. Application Development Internet Marketing Services Business Process Services


Plestarr Interactive is the starring e-business enabler founded in 2011 and we've been on a striving journey ever since. Our widespread services include business planning and consulting, web and mobile apps design and development, E-marketing and data solutions, BPO services, etc. Plestar creates modern and unique websites, applications, online marketing services, enterprise solutions and so on. Our proficient developers work as a team to disclose your goals to the target market.

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Plestar interactive is a limited company based in Tirunelveli, India. With almost 50 workers, we are a pioneer in the online industry. We serve online business consulting, web development, mobile and web application development, Business Process Outsourcing services, online marketing services and many other services to different industries, varying from startups to existing business that possess websites or that needs websites, for enterprises that wants to manage their products, outsource services and enhance committed work. With cutting edge technology and a talented pool of workers, we produce world class solutions for online business. Our solutions vary from Marketing to Application development. Our web application facility is working on world-class applications and is growing leaps and bounds.

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Plestar enhances your business with most modern working methodology. We are the competent interpreter and solver for any demands and guidance to different kinds of entrepreneurs, business associates, e-commerce consultancy and economic activist. Plestar creates best products for various online web applications and mobile applications. Our products are reliable and affordable for small and medium companies, enterprises and government agencies.

We provide e-business consulting for business planning, website design and website application development, mobile application development, different marketing services and outsourcing services.

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