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Plestar is one of the best and experienced ebusiness consulting company. Plestar provides ebusiness planning and consulting to help the beginners of any startup companies and for any existing businesses. Application Development Internet Marketing Services Business Process Services

Our Mission

Inspire businesses ahead to cultivate the latest trend, enhance services or build brand and assures to grow in the business community. We delight our worldwide patrons with proficient, initiative and result-driven tactics.

Our Vision

To be the global top most exemplary company with customer- focused and market-centric products, solutions and services that gratify the upward demands of industry.

Mission - 2015

Our mission for the year 2015 is to emphasize 15 small businesses or entrepreneurs to accelerate their business with affordable and influential business service solutions. We are having 5 committed on-going projects functioning effectively and there are only 10 more dedicated access teams available for the newcomers. We make your digital living to happen by making your presence in Internet by expanding your business globally and make you to uphold your customer retention.


We create an opportunity to grow in the business community by converting your ideas into actuality quicker than you possibly think. We develop a far-reaching strategy to make your business, services or brand for getting explored and marketed in your target group.


We upgrade your business to the next level, both economically & trendy with effective cost-cutting measures. We help you to generate high-tech on-demand marketing tactic to reach your multiple target marketplace. We initiate your business to be a dynamic challenger and generate a sustainable growth in your business society.

Our Values

Contribution: We believe in serving where help is required, whether it is wanted by our Customer, any Business, some Organization, or an entire industry, even in distant places; we are responsive to your business necessity as efficiently as we can with our resources and aptitude.

Company: We believe that the most effective approach to categorize resources and business processing is through a business-related company that permits for the diffusion of risk, banding resources and promotes innovation.

Community: We believe that our clients, beneficiaries and our partners, who build up our multi-national e-biz community, regulate our success. We distinguish that each business has an exclusive capability to contribute, that we must foster.

Culture: We believe in the worth of cultural exchange among young industrialists or businesses from different communities; such intellectual exchange helps to build a world with greater understanding and mutual respect.

Employees – First Culture

Plestar is backed by a team of software developers, who are highly qualified. The skill of the workers is exposed through the product and the service we render. With an enchanting working atmosphere, the team of developers, marketing experts and our BPO programmers tend to bring out more than what they could achieve. We value the time of our clients and we deliver promptly with the best output.