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E-mail Marketing Services

Plestar offer Email marketing service to promote and advertise your service, brand or product through e-mail. Our service develops the association between your business and your existing or new customers. Email marketing is a grand method as it reaches a broad audience in a limited period of time. Our email marketing campaign includes many succeeding emails that build ahead one another with cheaper cost and helps you to get the email ids of your prospective customers.

The best effective Email Marketing Strategy

Your business website is essential for magnetizing people and creating leads for your business development. Businesses that implements our email marketing plan takes pleasure in a wealth of profits:

  • Reach broad Target audience
  • Improve Customer & Business relations
  • Quantifiable Results
  • Ultra Influence
  • Any type of email communication
  • Establish confidence with subscribers

Benefits of our Email marketing Service

Our Email marketing services are reliable, scalable, friendly, easy and multimedia rich, specialized marketing campaigns.

  • Cost effective Marketing service
  • Smart speed & eased attempt to send your Marketing email
  • Advanced facility to Personalized email contact
  • Superior talent for Tracking sales and user involvement
  • Build relationship with Customers
  • Pathway to increase sales
  • Generates B2B and B2C leads
  • Bulk Email Marketing Service

We offer e-mail marketing strategy with an extra benefit of personalization of Customer relations, viewing the entire activity of Leads, request & track the survey feedbacks, customizing to make it appear as your own Brand, sending communication emails, generate leads, raise revenue and increases sales, building trust and convert infinite email recipients into subscribers, Automatic directory management & keeping it up-to-date, building extra revenue, act in accordance with email laws and Tracking results.

Our Email marketing solution involves:

Our Email Marketing Campaign sends the marketing emails, check the delivery, read & unread type, view, or click position and conversion status and again repeat the process.

  • Contact List Management of members
  • e-Database Management Design
  • Personalized Emails
  • Automatic Follow up Emails
  • Sectioning Targeted Emails
  • Website Subscription exposure
  • Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Our email marketing campaign runs along an automatic updated tracking system that highlights your progress. You can check who opens your email and what they generally click on and who exits your window and about subscription details.