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Paid Search Marketing

Plestar specializes in paid search marketing with the focus on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Analytics. Our paid search marketing is highly result-oriented, customer-centric and recognized by search engines. We ensure you to get the best return and great value on your paid web listings, keyword selection based on your prospective customers and get your site seen. Paid Search Marketing becomes an effective channel in online marketing with gaining the understanding of Google AdWords and the knowledge of using Google tools properly.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords locates your advertisement on the right side, top or bottom of the Google’s search result page and its affiliate sites. Google AdWords is an online advertising service system helps to market your service or product. When people search with phrases related to your service or product using a placed text ad, Google AdWords is shown as a sponsored link. Google AdWords provides a large Return on investment than usual advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

AdWords provide PPC advertising, site-targeted advertising for banner, text ads, rich-media ads and Remarketing. PPC has proved as a grand thing about Google Adwords as you pay only when someone visits your website by clicking your ad on Google Search page. The Click rate varies according to keywords. Google provides the choice to set your daily budgets for spending to your campaign program. You can track the keywords that attracted many customers to your site and also your sales and leads.

Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection is the most valuable, important and high return metric in Paid Search marketing. Your website can be built by ranking the perfect and the right keywords. We find out the keyword and phrases to target with SEO and learn about your whole customer through detecting the demanded keywords in the market.

Our Optimized Google Adwords PPC Campaigns include:

  • Well structured AdWords Campaigns or Adgroups
  • Targeted Keyword and Competitor Research
  • Highly Effective Ad Creation
  • Account Optimization and Organization
  • Ad Extensions (Call Extensions, Location Extensions, Sitelinks)
  • Budgeting and Bidding (Mobile Bid Adjustments)
  • Recommendations to Landing Page to get better conversions
  • Continuous Testing and Reporting
  • Conversion Tracking

Managing new and existing Paid Search Accounts

We serve for global clients from various industries like Software, IT, E-commerce, Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Retail and Service Sector. If you already have an existing account and seek to get more revenue from your existing efforts or new to Paid Search, we assist with setting up, managing and optimizing your AdWords advertising on Google Search for best performance.